Prepare Your Dallas Home for Halloween

The spookiest night of the year is just days away. Is your home ready for the barrage of trick-or-treaters who will come knocking at your door? Believe it or not, there’s more to preparing your Dallas home for Halloween than setting a giant bowl of candy on your front porch. Here are a few tips for making sure the trick-or-treating experience is fun and safe for you and the mini-ghosts, goblins, and ghouls that will be running around your neighborhood on October 31st.

Optimize your lighting
If you live in a home (as opposed to a condo), it’s important to make sure your front sidewalk and porch are well lit. You’re going to have more foot traffic than usual. Not to mention, masks and bulky costumes can make it especially hard for little trick-or-treaters to navigate their way to your front door.

Use flameless candles
Jack-o-Lanterns are great for adding a festive touch to your Halloween décor. However, they can also be a fire hazard if a little mummy accidentally trips and knocks one over. Replace real candles with flameless ones before the trick-or-treaters start trickling in.

Clear the walkway
In addition to making sure your front sidewalk and porch are sufficiently lit, you should also take the time to clear any debris that could cause someone to trip and fall. Sweep away any fallen leaves or sticks and secure loose extension cords with duct tape.

Hang festive décor
Last but not least, have fun with your Halloween décor! But don’t go too crazy with the decorations if you’re trying to sell your home. A fall wreath on your front door combined with a few pumpkins or gourds on your porch strike the perfect balance of getting in the Halloween spirit while maintaining your curb appeal.

We hope these tips help you prepare your Dallas home for Halloween. If you’re still thinking about making the move to Dallas, now is a fantastic time to do so. The Dallas Pacesetters have years of experience helping hopeful homeowners achieve their goals in the Dallas real estate market. Our knowledgeable agents would be thrilled to help you find your dream home before the busy holiday season begins. Contact us today to get the process started! We look forward to starting the conversation.

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