5 Reasons to Move to Dallas in 2015

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Happy New Year! We hope you’re starting 2015 with a renewed determination to tackle the Dallas real estate market. Believe it or not, real estate’s busy spring season starts in just a few weeks. If you have made a resolution to buy a home this year, now is the time to work on your financial fitness and start thinking about where you’d like to plant your roots. May we suggest Dallas?

Buying a home will likely be the largest dollar value transaction you’ll ever make, and it can be nerve-wracking whether its your first time or fifth – especially if you’re relocating to a new city. As Dallas’ top real estate agents, we can assure you that moving to Dallas will be a decision you’ll be happy you made. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. North Texas home prices have picked up 12 percent from a year ago and sales are at an all time high. With that in mind, here are the Dallas Pacesetters’ top five reasons to move to Dallas in 2015.

1. Dallas is a top housing market to watch in 2015
Trulia’s list of 10 markets to watch in 2015 includes Dallas for its solid job growth, which creates a housing demand, and a low vacancy rate, which incites construction. Realtor.com also listed Dallas on its list of the Top 10 Hot Housing Markets to Watch in 2015. According to Realtor.com, Dallas is “on pace to set a new employment record in 2014, the market is affordable, and it continues to draw an influx of new households.”

2. Dallas is one of the best places for first-time buyers and flippers
Are you planning to buy your first home or an investment property? Dallas won its spot on MSN Real Estate’s list of The 10 Best Housing Markets for First-time Buyers and Flippers. The city’s brisk household formation rate and home sales are forecasted to climb 7% in 2015.

3. Dallas is a foodie’s haven
It may be hard to believe, but Dallas actually has more restaurants per capita than New York City. Best of all, you can find every type of international cuisine you can imagine. What’s more, Dallas is home to the largest farmers market in the world. You can support the local economy by shopping directly from farmers’ trucks.

4. Homes are affordable in Dallas
Despite the high demand and low inventory of homes on the market, prices are relatively affordable in Dallas. The median list price of homes currently listed in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro is $230,000 while the median price of homes that are sold is about $190,000.

5. Dallas is rich in arts and culture
When you think of Dallas, BBQ and pro sports teams are probably the first things that come to mind. You may be surprised to learn that Dallas also has a thriving Arts District, which is home to many museums, music venues, and art installations.

This is just a few of the many reasons to move to Dallas in 2015. If you’re thinking about taking the leap into homeownership this year, please get in touch with us. The Dallas Pacesetters would be honored to guide through your home purchase and be at your side every step of the way.

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