4 New Years Resolutions for Homeowners

Each January millions of Americans make New Years resolutions. For many, these include losing weight, getting organized, and volunteering. In addition to making these promises to improve your personal life, you may want to consider making some New Years resolutions to better yourself as a homeowner. When you step back and take a close look at a few items related to your home and finances, you’ll likely see room for improvement. From here, you can set goals to make 2015 your best year yet. Without further adieu, here is the Dallas Pacesetters’ list of New Years resolutions for homeowners.

Evaluate your spending (and saving)
Do you have an emergency fund set up in case you need to make an urgent repair or replacement in your home? If not, start by setting a small goal, such as $1,000. Then you can work your way up to saving enough money to cover several months worth of expenses should you run into financial trouble.

Review your homeowners’ insurance
For longtime homeowners who haven’t glanced at their homeowners’ insurance policy in years, now is a good time to dust off the documents and take a look at what you’re working with. Start by checking the limits of your coverage to see if you have enough insurance – especially if you’ve made improvements like adding a detached garage, fence, or pool.

Consider refinancing
If you bought your home a number of years ago, chances are your existing mortgage rate is higher than mortgage rates are today. By using a refinance calculator like this one from Zillow, you can estimate the amount of money you could save by refinancing your mortgage.

Make repairs and upgrades
Set goals to replace the broken tile in your bathroom, install recessed lighting in your kitchen, and get your hardwood floors refinished. There’s no need to do everything at once, but setting realistic goals for getting all necessary repairs and upgrades made over the next several months will help you stick to a plan. 

The New Year is a perfect time to take a careful look at your spending (and saving) habits, examine your homeowners’ insurance policy, consider a refinance, and make any necessary repairs or cosmetic upgrades you’ve been pining after – especially if you plan to list your home in the Dallas real estate market this spring. If you have any specific questions about selling your home or buying a home in Dallas, please get in touch with us. The Dallas Pacesetters have years of experience helping people like you achieve their home buying and home selling goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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